about bibabath


For children from 1 to 8 years old

The BiBaBath is the perfect solution for children from approximately 1 year old, who can sit unaided and who have grown too big for the plastic baby bath.
You simply unfold the BiBaBath in your shower area and you’re ready to go. Children up to around 8 years old can have a great time bathing in it.

You can adjust the bath to the size of your shower area

The BiBaBath frame is adjustable.
You can adjust the BiBaBath frame in length, width and height. This will therefore allow you to adjust it to the size of your shower area. You don’t necessarily need to make the bath square, it will also work perfectly well as a rectangular shape if this is more convenient.
This will ensure you can make optimal use of your shower. The BiBaBath legs can also be made shorter or longer, so you can take any upright edges in the shower into account. 

The BiBaBath is available in 3 different sizes.

The BiBaBath is available in sizes 60 to 80 cm, 70 to 90 and 80 to 100 cm. The 60 to 80 cm size is often used in quadrant showers, the 70 to 90 cm size is the most universal size and the best-selling model. The 80 to 100 cm size (XXL) is often used for walk-in showers.

The bathing bag is washable up to 60 degrees and is anti-slip

The BiBaBath bathing bag is anti-slip and washable at 60 degrees. You can simply wash it together with your towels.
The rubbery side of the bathing bag is the inside. This is therefore anti-slip. “
Bags can also be bought separately.

The water drains directly into the shower drain

You can position the BiBaBath drain yourself.
It’s important for the BiBaBath drain to be positioned on top of the shower drain. This will allow the water to drain away into the shower drain.
As not all showers have the drain fitted in the exact same place, we have opted for you to position the drain yourself in line with your shower drain. 
Even if the shower drain is next to the BiBaBath, you can still position the drain on the side of the bath, making sure the water drains away sideways. 

Fold up the BiBaBath after use

The BiBaBath can be completely collapsed after use. This will allow you to easily store it either behind a door, or perhaps simply hang it up somewhere. 

The BiBaBath is 4 to 5 times bigger than a plastic bath

This is a little dependent on what size you can fit into your shower area, but the BiBaBath is approximately 4 to 5 times bigger than a plastic baby bath. This means two children can comfortably bathe together, whilst still leaving plenty of room for playing too.
In short, the BiBaBath will turn your shower into a children’s bath, so: 
Off you go into the BiBaBath